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Workshops for stakeholders of the Integrated Skills Strategy

On Tuesday, May 28, workshops for stakeholders of the Integrated Skills Strategy (ISS) were held at the Arche Hotel in Warsaw. They were organized by the Educational Research Institute together with the Ministry of National Education and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Więcej
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IBE experts at the VPL Biennale in Berlin

At the beginning of May, the third edition of the international VPL (Validation of Prior Learning) Biennale was held in Berlin. At the meeting of the European Qualifications Framework Advisory Group, which was organised on the occasion of the Biennale, Iwona Gmaj representing IBE and Maciej Lasota, an Advisory Group member from the Ministry of National Education, presented a report on the validation solutions used in Poland. Więcej
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IBE at the Round Table on Education

On Friday, April 26, the "Round Table on Education" was inaugurated in Warsaw. Talks will be continued this coming Tuesday in thematic groups. One of the organisations invited to participate in this event is the Educational Research Institute. Więcej
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Cooperation with the Central Examination Board

In April this year, the Institute for Educational Research signed a cooperation agreement with the Central Examination Board. The contract initiates, among others, common research projects, the exchange of information and the implementation of jointly developed solutions. Więcej

The public debate about the IQS has begun!

The conference "The IQS – a bridge connecting education and the labour market" was held on March 27, inaugurating the public debate on the implementation and development of the Integrated Qualifications System. Nearly 200 people took part in the conference, and almost 450 people followed the debate during an on-line broadcast. Więcej
kongres kompetencji cyfrowych ico Educational Research Institute – a partner in the II Digital Competencies Congress
The II Digital Competencies Congress will be held on March 15-16, 2019 in Tarnów. The Educational Research Institute is a partner of this year's edition of the event. The Congress will present the results of new research in the field of education and digital competencies, as well as conduct an open debate of interested communities supporting the development of these skills among Poles. Read more

The Interdisciplinary Research Network started its cycle of seminars

On November 7, the first scientific seminar organised as part of the Interdisciplinary Research Network (ISB) established by the Educational Research Institute was held. The meeting was attended by nearly 30 experts representing academic centres from the entire country.

The seminar began by recalling the life of the recently deceased Professor Maria Dudzikowa, long-term vice-president of the Pedagogical Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, editor-in-chief of the “Pedagogical Yearbook” of the Polish Academy of Sciences, scientific and didactic staff person at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The work of Prof. Dudzikowa contributed to developing an interdisciplinary approach to viewing the functioning of the school in Poland, which is one of the objectives of the ISB. The seminar was dedicated to her memory.



The significance of higher education in the modern world

The starting point of the seminar was a question about the essence of higher education in the modern world. It was pointed out that education is a good or a resource that places individuals in the social hierarchy and provides them with a number of benefits. It was also emphasised that higher education stimulates the ability to think critically and theoretically, and also directs one towards autotelic values.

The topics discussed during the seminar revolved around issues relating to the broadly understood concepts of teaching and education. Demographic conditions of the functioning of education and the market value of formal higher education were discussed. Educational inequalities and the influence of social origin on educational choices were also discussed. An important problem raised during the discussions was the importance of mechanisms mitigating the dysfunctionality of the impact of level of education on an individual’s professional position. The role of lifelong learning and the need to develop competences were emphasised. This relates to the ongoing changes in the labour market and society. Taking into account such factors as making job roles more flexible, combining family and professional roles, and finally over-education, a career should not be understood today only as a professional career, but more holistically – as a lifetime career.


Cycle of thematic seminars

The next seminars will focus on the following topics:


The culture of higher education institutions:

  • higher education institutions as an environment of cultural transmission
  • the ethos of higher education, cultural norms and models relating to the functioning of higher education institutions and their students
  • the connection between level of education and the relations formed among entities functioning in the public sphere and among people 


Psychological and pedagogical issues in the context of higher education:

  • the significance of higher education in developing personal characteristics
  • the significance of educational expansion for the (re)construction of a biography
  • the influence of higher education on civic engagement
  • career counselling and forming aspirations
  • the teaching staff of higher education and their approach to their work in the context of the changing realities of the functioning of higher education


Finances and the economy – various conditions affecting higher education:

  • public finances
  • household budgets
  • the labour market
  • technological advances
  • forecasting the need for occupations, qualifications and skills


The Interdisciplinary Research Network

The Interdisciplinary Research Network (ISB) was established by the Educational Research Institute. Its aim is rational, orderly and fact-based discussion about the role of higher education and its interaction with other key areas of life. Network participants acknowledge the premise that the effects of the higher education system influence both the economy, public finances, as well as the health and safety of society. And vice versa: the condition of the economy has a measurable impact on the financing of education, while technological advances allow the use of modern technologies in education. ISB aims to identify and describe these interactions. A task of the research network is also to accumulate experience and knowledge about education.



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On November 7, the first scientific seminar organised as part of the Interdisciplinary Research Network (ISB) established by the Educational Research Institute was held. The meeting was attended by nearly 30 experts representing academic centres from the entire country.
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