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The pilot of the P-TECH programme begins

IBM announced today that it is launching the P-TECH educational and vocational development programme in cooperation with the Educational Research Institute and Samsung and Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The programme will be implemented with the support and cooperation of the City of Katowice and under the honorary patronage of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Ministry of Digitization. Więcej
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Workshops for stakeholders of the Integrated Skills Strategy

On Tuesday, May 28, workshops for stakeholders of the Integrated Skills Strategy (ISS) were held at the Arche Hotel in Warsaw. They were organized by the Educational Research Institute together with the Ministry of National Education and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Więcej
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IBE experts at the VPL Biennale in Berlin

At the beginning of May, the third edition of the international VPL (Validation of Prior Learning) Biennale was held in Berlin. At the meeting of the European Qualifications Framework Advisory Group, which was organised on the occasion of the Biennale, Iwona Gmaj representing IBE and Maciej Lasota, an Advisory Group member from the Ministry of National Education, presented a report on the validation solutions used in Poland. Więcej
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IBE at the Round Table on Education

On Friday, April 26, the "Round Table on Education" was inaugurated in Warsaw. Talks will be continued this coming Tuesday in thematic groups. One of the organisations invited to participate in this event is the Educational Research Institute. Więcej
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Cooperation with the Central Examination Board

In April this year, the Institute for Educational Research signed a cooperation agreement with the Central Examination Board. The contract initiates, among others, common research projects, the exchange of information and the implementation of jointly developed solutions. Więcej

The public debate about the IQS has begun!

The conference "The IQS – a bridge connecting education and the labour market" was held on March 27, inaugurating the public debate on the implementation and development of the Integrated Qualifications System. Nearly 200 people took part in the conference, and almost 450 people followed the debate during an on-line broadcast. Więcej

Vocational or university education? The core question discussed at the UniVET Project seminar

Over 40 persons participated in an experts’ seminar entitled „Vocational or university education? Factors influencing the decision of young people to choose a particular educational path” organised as part of the international UniVet Project.

What makes young people decide to study at university? Which factors influence the decision to choose training in a sector? Why are young people prematurely quitting school or changing their chosen education path? Which character traits influence the choice of a career? – these are among the questions that a group of experts attempted to answer, among whom were employees of the Educational Research Institute, Ministry of National Education, Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Voivodship Labour Office, Warsaw City Hall, career advisors and people interested in the development of vocational education in Poland.

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the social determinants of the functioning of sectoral schools. Also discussed was the need for research in this area, which is also among the aims of UniVET


The UniVET Project seeks to find an answer to the question of why students choose university education, even though the choice of vocational education would be more appropriate given their situation. The project will also support young people who are dissatisfied with their chosen educational path and are thinking about quitting school. The project is scheduled to conclude at the end of 2020.

More information about the UniVet Project

Photos of the seminar:

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