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Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych

Our mission in Macedonia has been completed

Over the last two years, Skopje has hosted a regular stream of experts on European qualifications systems. They provided support to the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science in adapting elements of its qualifications system to meet the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework. This week, the mission in Macedonia was completed with a closing conference on October 10th to present the achievements of the Twinning Project, financed by the European Commission. Więcej
Entuzjaści Edukacji

Support to the FYR Macedonia in developing its National Qualifications Framework

The Educational Research Institute is leading a Twinning project entitled „Further improvement of the system for development and implementation of the National Qualification Framework” in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Twinning Reference No. MK 13 IB SO 02). Read more...


Entuzjaści Edukacji

Digital Reality of Polish lower secondary school students

Excellent scores of Polish lower secondary school students. Second grade students of lower secondary schools at the forefront with some of the best results in the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS). Read more...


Badanie czasu i warunków pracy nauczycieli

International forum on qualifications - conference in Warsaw

Educational Research Institute and the National Team of Bologna Experts working with the Foundation for the Development of the Education System invite you to an international conference entitled “Qualifications Frameworks as an instrument of public policy for lifelong learning”. The conference will be held on November 8-9, 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. Read more

IBE w Międzynarodowym Stowarzyszeniu na Rzecz Badań Edukacyjnych

IBE in the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement

Poland has reactivated its membership in the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) where it will be represented by the Educational Research Institute. More
IBE w Międzynarodowym Stowarzyszeniu na Rzecz Badań Edukacyjnych

Conference SLI 2012

Approximately 7% of children suffer from so caller specific language disorders. As a result they learn to talk later than most children and have problems at school. These disorders are not effectively diagnosed and knowledge about them is still very limited. To change this, an international conference ”SLI – Specific Language Impairment – diagnosis, prognosis, intervention” will be held in Warsaw on 5-8 July 2012. The Conference which will be attended by the most prominent specialists from the USA and Europe.. More

The Library

The IBE Library, established in 1950, holds about 80 thousand volumes of books and over 11 thousand year’s issues of education-related periodicals, including a wide representation of Polish publications from before 1939 as well as literature in English, French, German and Russian.

The collections include publications on the educational theory and practice and sciences related to education (philosophy, psychology, sociology and natural sciences). Polish and foreign primers and textbooks form a separate extensive collection. Card catalogues serve as a guide to the collections: alphabetical and systematic catalogues as well as electronic databases: of books, which include aquisitions from the last 15 years, journals and Ph.D. dissertations defended in IBE between 1966 and 2009.

A new database was created in Prolib system cataloguing English-language literature for the research projects conducted by  IBE under the auspices of the EU. Based on national and international electronic databases, the library staff provides bibliographic information on Polish and foreign education related literature.

The Library of the Educational Research Institute provides an electronic catalogue linked to the Prolib system. Currently, all books included therein are in English and English entries search is required.

All the publications are available in the Library for public use. As the work progresses the users will be able to order them electronically and set up library user accounts. The Library also offers a possibility of using full-text paid databases - EBSCO and ProQuest. Thanks to the cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, the Library joined the Virtual Library of Science. On their platform, Elsevier /ICM, Springer/ ICM and several other databases can be used.